1035 Songs The Band Has Done

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Caged Bird Sings LE Kepple Removed from list on 03/23/2014, never performed.
Can't Buy Me Love Beatles
Can't Stop This Feeling Justin Timberlake 2017-04-09
Can't Take It In Imogen Heap 2013-03-31 Dropped, not performed (?)
Candy Cane Lane Traditional
Candy Man Sammy Davis Jr
Carefully Taught Rodgers & Hammerstein 2012-03-25
Carried to the Table Leland 2014-09-07 also 2012-08-05, 07/07/2013
Carry On Fun 2014-03-23
Carry On My Wayward Son Kansas 2012-06-10
Celebrate Me Home Kenny Loggins 2014-12-24
Change Carrie Underwood 2013-12-29 Sung by Kim Brown
Change Tracy Chapman 2017-02-19
Change in My Life Angels of Mercy 2014-04-13
Change Your Mind Sister Hazel 2013-04-07 Sung by Amelia
Changed Rascal Flatts
Changes David Bowie
Chicken Fried Zac Brown Band 2016-03-06
Child of Mine Carole King 2017-07-23
Children's Praise Traditional
Chim Chim Cheree Mary Poppins 2013-02-03 Mandolin by Les, guitar by Chuck
Choose Christy Nockels 2013-10-13
Choose Life Big Tent Revival 2013-10-13
Christmas Hallelujah Cloverton 2014-12-21
Christmas in Egypt Kathie Hill 2013-12-07 Complete band charts
Christmas Lullaby (I Will Lead You Home) Amy Grant 2013-12-24
Christmas Song Jimmy Durante 2018-12-24 Josh
Christmastime is here Vince Guaraldi 2017-11-26
Church in the Wildwood Traditional
CIE-01) Christmas in Egypt Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-02) A Godsend Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-03) You're Not From Here Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-04) Prince of Peace Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-05) Birthday! Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-06) The Christmas Story In Song Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-07) Yes! Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-08) Pharaoh, Pharoah Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-09) Like a Child Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
CIE-10) Finale Kathie Hill 2013-12-07
Circle of Friends Point of Grace 2012-04-15
Climb Every Mountain Sound of Music 2013-05-12
Clothed with Christ Geneviève Falleur Scheduled 04/17/2016, snow cancellation.
Coat of Many Colors Dolly Parton 2015-08-30
Colorado Christmas Steve Goodman 2014-12-24 Nitty Gritty version. Also 12/22/2013
Colors of the Wind Tori Kelly 2017-11-12
Come Now Is The Time To Worship Brian Doerksen 2013-10-13
Come Thou Font Traditional
Come Together Beatles 2019-02-03 06/04/2017
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd 2013-10-27
Compass Lady Antebellum 2016-04-03
Content Pete Townshend 2013-02-17 Sung by Lindsay, piano by Tony Molieri
Conviction of the Heart Kenny Loggins 2017-03-26
Could You Be Loved Bob Marley 2014-11-09
Count On Me Bruno Mars 2018-06-24 10/12/2014
Count Your Blessings Ann Williamson 2015-06-21
Counting Blue Cars Dishwalla 2017-03-19
Counting Stars OneRepublic 2014-05-25
Courage Is Strange Familiar 2014-03-23
Craig Walker Hayes 2019-01-20 Josh
Crossroads Cream
Curtis Loew Lynyrd Skynyrd 2012-03-04 Vocals by Josh and Rob
Cut A Rug in Heaven Clarinda Cowboy Church 2013-05-05 Sung by Leann